Philosophy explores the nature of the world, the basis of human values, and the foundations of reason. Philosophy also offers the challenge of interpreting the work of thinkers who have helped form our intellectual traditions. Students of philosophy study not only the history of the tradition, but also learn valuable analytical thinking skills and effective written and oral communication.

The study of both Western and Eastern religious traditions introduces students to a major influence on all civilizations. By understanding these deep cultural forces, a student of religion can better understand the global interactions that take place in today's shrinking world. Journalists, diplomats, and government specialists benefit from a serious consideration of the inner workings of the religious ethos of civilizations. Daily events remind us that there is no more motivating factor in the culture of nations than ardently held religious belief. A thorough understanding of the modern world requires familiarity with its religious heritage. 

Our Programs

The Department of Philosophy and World Religions at UNI offers undergraduate majors and minors in both Philosophy and the Study of Religion as well as a minor in Ethics.

Intellectual Development and Skills

Philosophy and religion courses are ideal for students who want to develop and improve writing and analytical skills. Students of philosophy or religion become more aware of themselves and the world around them. By raising questions that explore the basic principles of existence and ultimate human concerns, the study of philosophy or religion helps students develop many skills such as the ability to 

  • reason clearly
  • extract what is essential from large amounts of information
  • understand and analyze complicated texts
  • develop a well-structured argument
  • express ideas in a clear and persuasive manner
  • solve problems creatively

These are the skills that employers are looking for. These skills give our majors a competitive edge as they seek careers in a global marketplace.