Philosophy and World Religions

Other Faculty: Anne Woodrick

Professor of Anthropology

Anne Woodrick




Bartlett 2124

(319) 273-6375


Ph.D., Anthropology, University of California, San Diego

MA, Anthropology, University of California, San Diego

BA, Anthropology, The Univeristy of Michigan

Research and Teaching Interests:

Religion, Latin America, US Latino immigrants

Regularly Taught Classes: Culture, Nature, and Society (LAC); Native Central and South America (LAC); Tribal Religions; Religion, Magic, and Witchcraft; Ethnographic Research
In Process: Religiosity and Religion in Rural Mexico: Female Lay Ecclesial Ministers. Monograph in progress
Selected Publications:

Articles and Book Chapters

2006. "Preparing the Way: Hispanic Ministry and Community Transformation in Marshalltown, Iowa," in Urban Anthropology 35 (2-3): 265-294.

2005. Mark Grey and Anne Woodrick. "Latinos Have Revitalized our Community: Latino Migration and Anglo Responses in Marshalltown, Iowa," in New Destinations of Mexican Immigration in the United States: Community Formation, Local Responses and Inter-group relations. Zúñiga and Hernández-León, eds.

2002. Mark Grey and Anne Woodrick. Welcoming New Iowans: A Guide for Christians and Churches. Handbook published by the New Iowans Program, UNI.

1997. "Prestige and Religious Conversion Among Women in Rural Mexico," in Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion 8: 75-93.

1995. "A Life-Time of Mourning: Grief Work Among Yucatec Maya Women," in Ethos 23 (4): 7-29.

Professional Awards:

2012 CSBS Outstanding Teaching Award