Philosophy and World Religions

Faculty: Yasemin Sari

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

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Yasemin Sari 

Dr. Sari completed her PhD in Philosophy at the University of Alberta in September 2015. She was a DAAD Post-Doctoral Researcher at Goethe University, Frankfurt in 2016. As a political philosopher, her work mainly focuses on democratic political theory, especially as it relates to human rights, extra-institutional recognition, and the borders between citizen and non-citizen. Her current research takes up the global refugee crisis. 


Bartlett Hall 1099

(319) 273-4435


PhD, Philosophy, University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada)

MA, Philosophy, Bogazici University (Istanbul, Turkey)

BA, Philosophy, Bogazici University (Istanbul, Turkey)

Research and Teaching Interests:

Social and Political Philosophy, 19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Ethics, Epistemology, History of Early Modern Philosophy

Regularly Taught Classes: Humanities III: The Age of Revolution to the Present; Society, Politics, and the Person; Philosophy Senior Seminar
Most Recent Publications:

“Arendt, Truth, and Epistemic Responsibility,” Arendt Studies, Fall 2018 

“An Arendtian Recognitive Politics: ‘The Right to Have Rights’ as a Performance of Visibility,” in Philosophy Today 61:3 (2017)