Philosophy and World Religions

Faculty: Michael Prahl

Adjunct Instructor

"I always wanted to teach, and when I got to college, I learned that I wanted to teach philosophy. I tell my students that central to philosophy, and thereby a liberal arts education, is the ability effectively to defend one's position on any topic—to be able to develop a position through critical thinking, and then defend such by argument, though not to the point of being a moisikaforkian [Yiddish for "one who argues purely to be arguing"]. Through the Humanities sequence I endeavor to provide students with sufficient tools by which they might determine their position on the many issues they face in today's world and the means to successfully support and defend those positions. To paraphrase Diane Ravich, the benefit a good education is that which is intrinsic to it—a genuinely functioning intelligence with enough information to provide one with material for reflection and enjoyment."


Bartlett 2087

(319) 273-6223


MA, History, University of Northern Iowa

MA, English, University of Northern Iowa

MA, Philosophy, Universitie d'Ottowa

BA, Philosophy, History, English, University of Northern Iowa

Research and Teaching Interests:

Tanakh; Christian Testament; Dante; Shakespeare; Shoah;
art, philosophy, and music across the Humanities sequence of courses

Regularly Taught Classes: Humanities sequence (less frequently, Philosophy: The Art of Thinking, Shoah, Ethics, History of Philosophy sequence)
Selected Publications and Presentations:

"Richard" - UNI Inner Weather

"Carrie Meeber: The Reflective Self" - Draftings

"Dante as Monk" - Presentation to Humanities Department at Hawkeye Community College