Philosophy and World Religions

Faculty: Reza Lahroodi

Associate Professor of Philosophy

"My adolescence coincided with the years leading to and following the 1979 Iranian Revolution. In its immediate aftermath, the Iranians, for the first time in decades, enjoyed immense freedom of speech. As a result, my generation was exposed to an unprecedented variety of ideologies and political persuasions. Having been raised on a steady diet of traditional beliefs, I was fascinated, bewildered and alarmed, in equal measures, by the new ideas then freely circulating in the society. I fell under the spell of a charismatic philosopher, and came to see philosophy as an invaluable tool in sorting out my thoughts. As to the formal study of philosophy, I became a philosophy major in college only after a stint as a science major in a prestigious university known for its science and engineering programs."


Bartlett 2081

(319) 273-6440


Ph.D., Philosophy (and a graduate minor in psychology), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

MA, Philosophy, Tehran University

BA, Philosophy, Tehran University

Research and Teaching Interests:

Epistemology (especially virtue and social epistemology), virtue theory, and philosophical psychology.

Teaching interests include medieval philosophy, philosophy of mind, and virtue theory

Regularly Taught Classes:Philosophy: The Art of Thinking; Knowledge and Reality; Faith and Reason: Philosophy in the Middle Ages; Philosophy of Mind
In Process:"I am working on a couple of pedagogical pieces that result from teaching epistemology and medieval philosophy at UNI. Also, as part of my ongoing research on intellectual virtues, I am working on a paper on the virtue of open-mindedness, its normative and psychological aspects."