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Philosophy and World Religions

Faculty: Margaret Holland

Associate Professor of Philosophy

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"I was an English major in college and became interested in Philosophy when I joined a reading group after graduation. I find Philosophy infinitely interesting. I'm drawn to the questions philosophers raise, as well as the examination of common assumptions, and the rigorous and systematic arguments philosophers develop. Since I see Philosophy as a conversation that has been going on for centuries, in my classes I focus on careful reading of classic texts and student discussion. My greatest pleasure in the classroom comes from students raising questions and actively engaging with the topics we are discussing."

Bartlett 2083

(319) 273-5975


PhD, Philosophy, State University of New York

MA, Philosophy, Boston College

BA, English, Boston College

Research and Teaching Interests:

ethical theory, moral psychology, ancient philosophy, philosophy of art

Regularly Taught Classes: Ethics, History of Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy of Art, Philosophy: The Art of Thinking
Most Recent Publication: "Social Convention and Neurosis as Obstacles to Moral Freedom" in Iris Murdoch, Philosopher. Justin Broackes, editor. Oxford University Press.