Philosophy and World Religions

Faculty: Tom Hesse

Adjunct Instructor

Tom Hesse"Like most students in high school, I didn't know much about philosophy. I knew some guy named Socrates was involved with the field, and there was also a lot of talking that went on. I began my undergraduate studies here at UNI in 1995 with a major in history. Needing to fulfill some electives, I signed up for a couple philosophy courses — one introductory course and another on Karl Marx. Within a short period of time I had declared a second major. Philosophy is the field that discusses the most important topics that pertain to human existence: reality, truth, religion, art, ethics, politics, and many others. Fast-forward a few years and I now teach the Humanities I/II/III sequence of courses at UNI. These courses provide a survey of the history, literature, religion, philosophy, and art of the Western world. In my sections I stress that part of what it is to be a citizen (as opposed to just an individual) is to understand and appreciate what we have received from previous generations."


Bartlett 1085

(319) 273-6508


MA, Philosophy, University of Montana

BA, History and Philosophy, University of Northern Iowa

Research and Teaching Interests:

Environmental Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy, Humanities

Regularly Taught Classes:Humanities I, II, and III
Selected Publications:

Understanding and Addressing Environmental Problems, Self-Published, 2009. [short book]

Selected Presentations:

"An Introduction to Environmental Ethics," Religious Education Series. February 5, 2012. Cedar Valley Unitarian Universalists. Cedar Falls, IA. [public talk]

"The Scope and Limits of an Ethics Course," Kirkwood Faculty Lecture Series. September 21, 2010. Kirkwood Community College. Iowa City, IA. [public talk]

"The Theme of Rest in the Works of Saint Augustine," Iowa Philosophical Association Annual Conference. November 5, 2005. Simpson College. Indianola, IA. [conference paper]

"The Influence of Meister Eckhart on Henry Bugbee," What Welcomes Thought: The Philosophical Legacy of Henry Bugbee Conference. June 16-17, 2005. University of Montana. Missoula, MT. [conference paper]

Professional Awards:

"I was an adjunct instructor at Kirkwood Community College from 2001-2011, and in 2005 I received the Kirkwood Difference Maker Award. It is a prestigious teaching award based on nominations from students."